Made in LA. Online since '89. Doer of cool things for Hollywood, video games, etc. @thedangerbrain. PC master race. Android fanboy. Ponies. VWs.

I haven't posted much content in a few years. Having been online since using Prodigy in 1989, I was already starting to get burned out on netculture back when Facebook required a .edu email address and hashtags were more of an IRC thing.

By the time BuzzFeed and Reddit teamed up to turn the internet into a shit and the preponderance of superhero movies ruined everything else, I was focused on running my company, Danger Brain, with my brother. I'd spent my whole life being a nerd, a geek, an otaku, a netizen, and none of that meant anything anymore, so I guess became a business owner instead.

I started my business around the time Patton Oswalt predicted the coming geek culture singularity. Side note: I think we hit it in 2012 when The Avengers simultaneously jump-started and destroyed Joss Whedon's career by being too big a success. We live in strange times.

Anyway, for a few years I helped make YouTube look less like GeoCities and more like TV by classing up the branding for enough of the largest content creators and multichannel networks that everyone had to step up their game by the time Hollywood realized YouTube was a thing.

These days, I post what we're designing at Danger Brain on Instagram and crap about my car, cartoon ponies, anime, gadgets, and video games on Google+—most of it not publicly, so I'm actually more active than my public profile appears. I'm also Twitter user #2065, but fuck that service.

Anyway, lately I draw cute stuff for some reason. Here's some of it: